Whale Watching Tours and Cruises Baja California Gray and Blue Whales

If you are looking for an adventure trip which takes you close to nature, then Whale Watching in Baja, California is one of the best options. We provide our customers with one of the best whale watching experience, we organize these whale watching camping trips which is a an amazing experi

Whether it's a humpback whale diving through the waves or a grey whale with her calf that is quietly peaking through the surface of the water, there is something extraordinary about any rendezvous with these prodigious sea creatures. Whale watching has become one of the most sought-after wildlife attractions in the world.  Whales can be seen in any ocean, but there are certain places in the world that offer better and more variety of whales throughout the year, and Baja California is indeed the perfect location for spotting grey whales.

People who are shore lovers have never come across the magic beneath the waves. So, it's time to leave the beach behind and hear what's happening beyond the waves. If you are planning for Baja California whale watching tours with your family you need to make sure you hire a trusted whale watching tours and cruise company. Few of whale watching tours companies also provide blue whale watching trips. On a whale watching cruise you are most likely to encounter the way these gigantic sea animals play, breed, or nibble on plankton, and you get to learn how these whales live under the water.

It is very important for a traveler to have fun yet educational experience. The whale watching tour operators have experienced marine guides on board to answer all your queries and impart knowledge related to these sea creatures and the ocean. Also, look for a tour operator who can comply with responsible tourism protocol and stress on the preservation and well being of these gentle giants. Baja whale watching tours ensure that you get an an intimate and up close experience with the grey whales and have an incredible time on this adventurous trip.

The Baja whale watching season usually starts between the month of December and April as it is the best time to spot grey whales here. Some whale watching tour operators to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, often switch off the boat's engine so that you are able to experience the soothing sound of the ocean, whales and birds. So think no further, and embark on a journey to witness some of the ocean's colossal and ambiguous dwellers in their natural habitats.

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