Origin of the trademark Goodfellas Bail Bonds; “Forget About It”

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Origin of the trademark

Goodfellas Bail Bonds; “Forget About It”



Eugene Caruso Sr, my father was from Brooklyn New York but was not in the Mob. He was a great American with an Italian background. He was also a “Goodfella.” The kind that would lay his coat down for a woman!to cross a puddle or protect a weaker person from a bully. He was always polite and was funny in a sarcastic sort of way the was never offensive. Bail Bonds Las Vegas  he was a tough act to follow.



In honor of my Dad. I thought Goodfellas Bail Bonds would be a great name for a bail bond company. 24 Hour Bail Bonds  then I thought that “Forget about it” would be a great slogan. This is now our registered trademark. It has been federally licensed and registered and we couldn’t be happier with the name and the brand that we have built. It has not been all roses. Far from a flower shop. The name of the game is to gather information and learn from experience. To this day I still personally approve every bond that is written. We have been open without closing at all for over twenty years. I am used to being woken by a text (it used to be a phone call on a land line) at any hour at any time on any occasion. Bail Bondsman in Las Vegas                                    

 i  can approve bonds half asleep. This is still a learning experience. We never know who is going to run and or why they do. At the same time treating people like family seems to keep them loyal. Goodfellas clients have close to a 98 percent attendance rate. Bail Bonds NV that’s pretty awesome. Thanks for all the loyalty. We will continue to strive for perfection. “Forget about it”



Gino Caruso